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Zhoushan Oushengda Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd | S10002100

Major products:

Screw Barrel ,Gear Box ,Mould

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Zhoushan Oushengda Plastic Machinery Co.,Ltd has developed into one of the largest manufacturers, specialized in research, design and manufacture of screws & barrels & assembly parts for extrusion machine and injection molding machine with over twenty years of effort, Equipped with different kinds of advanced CNC processing machines such as nitriding, quenching and bimetallic as well as the inspection equipment which highly ensure our screw & barrels with good quality and high-efficiency. Up to now, our screws and barrels have been exported to more than 40 countries such as Germany, Turkey, Egypt and so on. OSD staff never stops providing better quality and service for our customers.
key advantages:ISO 9001:2008


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