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Weifang Jianyin Textile Co.,Ltd | S10002998

Business Type:


Major products:

Grey Fabric, Cotton Fabric,Cvc Grey Fabric,PE/PP Weed, pp/pe woven Control Mat, LDPE/PP Ground Cover, PE/PP Woven geotextile Fabric

Main Markets:


Total Employees:

1 - 499 Employees



Registered Capital:

1000 10 thousand

Office Size:

Above 5000 m2
Established in June, 2001, Weifang Jianyin Textile Co., Ltd.(Weifang Textile Equipment Factory ) has strong producing capacity. We have about 100 set weaving fabric looms including 50 set 280 airjet looms and 50 set high speed rapier looms . We also have 20 set circular weaving looms, and two set wire drawing machine. Our main products are cotton fabric and T/C fabric with width of 90”-105”.The annual output can achieve to 6 million meters. And also producing the PP weed control fabric, PP woven fabric, PE tarpaulin. Production capacity of 2000 ton per year. The products are mainly exported to other countries used in the field of garment, printing and bedding.
key advantages:JC Sussman International Inc,Ikea


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