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Zhongshan City Xin Jie Lighting Appliance CO.,LTD | S10006648

Business Type:


Major products:

Led panel light,Led tube

Main Markets:

Middle-East,Eypty,South-East Asia,South America

Total Employees:

1 - 499 Employees



Registered Capital:

500 10 thousand

Office Size:

Above 5000 m2

Company Website Url:
Xinjie Lighting,is well known as a professional supplier in the design and manufacture of high quality household and commercial lighting fixtures.The factory established 2005 in Zhongshan City, center of China Lighting Market. Our mission is to deliver environmently-friendly products to our customers in great quality and competitive price.We hope to be qualified provider of LED lighting for professional lighting designers and our exiting and potential customers. We have more than 10 years experience in the lighting industry,each year we offer different range of new products to satisfy our customers that meets the market needs.All of the products have been approved by CE and ROHS.Our products are acheiving impressive and rapidly growing sales in many countries across Europe, the middle East,the Asia-Pacific Region,South America,Africa and the Oceania.
key advantages:Xin Jie Lighting is professional Indoor led lighting manufacture in Guzhen town,Zhongshan city of China,widly export to Middle-East countries.Egypt,South Africa and South America countries.Yearly selling more than 150Million usd.


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