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Guangzhou Maoqi Technology Co. Ltd | S10009500

Business Type:


Major products:

Mobile phone cases, mobile phone accessories

Total Employees:

1 - 499 Employees



Office Size:

1000 - 4999 m2

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1. Operating since 2011 Guangzhou Maoqi Import & Export Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is a manufacturing-type enterprise with the rights of import and export, specializing in mobile phone cases, PU leather cases, selfie sticks and other products. SHS is our own brand of mobile phone cases and it is a partner of CCTV Column in China. 2. With 16 Years’ Export Experience Our company has a good reputation in the field of mobile phone industry, based on leading technology, quality and service. Thus, we have established long-term and friendly business relationships with many domestic enterprises and foreign clients in Europe, South America, Germany and Italy. We have been engaged in export for 15 years. 3. Reaching 500,000 Tons Monthly Turnout We have two factories with CNC and injection molding machine, covering 10,000 square meters and housing 300 employees and six production lines. With such resources, we are able to produce 500,000 tons. Items are delivered within three to seven days.
key advantages:Dealing in mobile phone cases and accessories for 16 years.Offering best quality with lowest price items to you.


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