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Wenzhou Watson Import & Export Co.,Ltd. | S10009700

Major products:

Outdoor Playground Equipment, Outdoor Fitness Equipment, Indoor Playground Equipment, Plastic toy, Trampoline etc.

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Wenzhou Watson Import & Export CO., LTD, is a combination of production and trade enterprise which is the incorporating industry and trade enterprises in accordance with the professional plate design of the whole industry chain, the whole value chain and the whole brand cultural chain integration, export with this kind of product service model. Fifteen years of experience in children’s play equipment. Focus on outdoor playground, indoor playground,PE playground,physical equipment&climbers,fitness equipment, plastic toys, rubber tile, kids table&chair,leisure chairs and so on.Meanwhile, we also manufacture aluminum rotational mold and blow mold. Watson adapt to a wide range of commodity information net trend, insist on” creating the highest quality service”.
key advantages:High quality self-requirement; High quality safety standard; The design of customization


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