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Shenzhen KangMingSheng Technology Industry Incorporated Company Limited | S10009820

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LED Flashlights, LED Emergency Lights, LED Table Lights



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Shenzhen KangMingSheng Technology Industry Incorporated Company was founded in March, 2004, a state-level high-tech enterprise, which is specialized in LED mobile lighting including product research &development, manufacturing, sale and service. The company’s headquarter is located in the forefront of reform and opening-up city---Shenzhen. Kang Ming Sheng owns three subsidiaries, with enormous potentiality; it has become the enterprise pioneer in China LED mobile lighting industry. KangMingSheng is mainly engaged in the production of LED mobile Lighting, which includes flashlights, rechargeable eye-protection table lamps, hand searchlight, emergency lamps, hurricane lamps, headlamps, rechargeable energy-saving lamps, mosquito killer lamps, electric mosquito swatters and multi-functional mobile power supply. In recent years, the company focuses on increasing innovation in science and technology research and development, constantly introducing innovative high-tech talents, and gradually realizing the mechanization of production line. Insisting on the user experience and intelligence oriented, the company constantly enhances the excellent rate of quality, strengthens and improves the construction of the service system, to ensure the leading position of KangMingSheng in the LED mobile illumination industry. The implementation of these strategies not only points out the direction company development, but also provides a strong guarantee. The KangMingSheng Company has a strong management team as well as an aspirant staff team. Unity, efficiency, quality, service, dedication is deeply rooted in KangMingSheng's corporate culture. The company vision of KangMingSheng is to become the brand leader of mobile LED lighting in the world and this will come true as soon as possible.
key advantages: In the international market, the sales network is spread all over Southeast Asia, Middle East, South America and African, besides, it tends to steady development situation and wins the broad customer base.


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