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Hangzhou Robam Appliances Co.,Ltd. | S10018546

Business Type:


Major products:

Range Hood, Gas Stove, Electric Oven, Steam Oven, Microwave Oven

Main Markets:

Malaysia,Pakistan, India, Australia,Dubai, etc.

Total Employees:




Registered Capital:

94903 10 thousand

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Hangzhou Robam Appliances co.,ltd. Was set up in 1979, and it is also the key enterprise of Robam Group mainly engaged in series of cooker hood, gas strove, disinfection, steam oven, microwave oven, oven and dishwasher. ROBAM has been a world renowned name in range hood, already having presence in Malaysia, Vietnam, Jordan, Pakistan, India, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, etc. After its foundation, Robam insist the strategy of "quality first" and try to establish a perfect product quality management system. As a result, we gain the "China brand name products", "national non-checking products", also name the first national 4A level standardized trial enterprise. ROBAM get the top 500 valuable enterprises many times, and we gain the honor "the top 500 Asian brand" for ten consecutive years. Our brand value ranks first in the domestic field of kitchen electric products. Early in 2000, the growing rate of Robam is up to 40%-50% annually, and can rank one of the high-speeding enterprises in same field. Robam adopt the key value in advance, quality, and human-centered. With the base in family electric products, we beginning at kitchen electric products, now we can be the advocate, forerunner, and leader in the field standard.
key advantages:Repeatedly winning Oscar award in the design circle; Granted the title of national high-tech enterprise, national-recognized enterprise technology center and other qualifications;


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