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Sky Magnetech (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. | S10018661

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SKY MAGNETECH Co., Ltd, which is located in Ningbo,China , is specialized in developing and producing magnetic toys, magnetic art wares, other magnetic items. We proudly have fifty-factory-assemblers and marketing departments in charge of developing hot items for the marketplace.  Clients are our most important asset,we supply highest quality products at a reasonable price and best service. Our goal is “Let children around the world play and enjoy with our toys"!  We are constantly developing new products to keep fresh in the market. We currently export to Korea, U.S.A, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Turkey, Israel, Austria, France and England. All of our products's quality are highly guaranteed! To be a good supplier, let our clients get the most profits with quality products is our long-term goal. So our motto is: Best quality, fastest delivery, best service and lowest price. Beside magnetic toys, we also produce customized magnets,widely used in electronic field,Civil industry,etc. Welcome to visit us!
key advantages:We have rich experience in magnetic toys. We offer international standard products with certifications such as SGS,CE and etc.


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