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Pigment Yellow 83
  • Pigment Yellow 83

Pigment Yellow 83

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Lily Group Co.,Ltd.
Lily Group Co.,Ltd.
China - Hangzhou
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Produced in China, mainly used for plastic, coating and inks with good weather resistance and solvent fastness. main grade: 277,8310,OP-206
Lily group co., LTD.located in the xiaoshan Linjiang high-tech industrial park, covers an area of 420 acres.
The number of the existing staff in this company is more than 1000, and it is the largest high-performance organic pigments manufacturer.
It has developed more than 200 types of high performance and environmentally friendly pigments.
The products are mainly used in high-grade paint, printing ink and high polymer materials coloring areas. More than 60% pigments are well exported to the global market.
The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, so it is a national high-tech enterprise.
It has the state-level enterprise technology center, postdoctoral workstation, academician workstation.

The company has independent intellectual property rights,  and has participated in the implementation of three national standards, presided over the development of nine industry standards

Pigment Yellow 83 from China supplier

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