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About Auto Electrical Systems
Air mass flow meters play an important part in the proper functioning of the engine. You can manage the air quantity in your engine with great precision by using our auto electrical systems . The airflow meter sensors are made of plastic tubes and heat resistors. Wholesale auto electrical systems can operate in two different structures, and both provide precise values. Some airflow measuring devices have thermal sensors. The air mass flow is calculated based on the difference between the desired temperature and the actual temperature. You also find flow meters that measure the airflow by sound. The air is first channeled through a grid before reaching a turbulence chamber. The resulting sound waves are detected by hot wire sensors which calculate the air mass based on the data provided. When you search for wholesale auto electrical systems , you will find that most airflow measurement instruments are very sensitive to the penetration of dirt particles. That's why we are providing you with leading auto electrical systems that can support any environment. Our air velocity meters allow the following; Optimize the air/fuel mixture for more engine efficiency, limit fuel consumption thanks to the precise metering, and reduce pollutant emissions. Find airflow meter types with high metering precision. Special deals and bargain prices are available.