Magetic CatcherMagetic Catcher
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About Magnetic Separator
Mineral separators are generally heavy-duty machines which take mining spoil and turn it into fine outputs filled with valuable minerals. They can be used to extract gold, bauxite, iron, and rare earth metals that are hard to separate from soil and rock via other processes. But having the right magnetic separator is essential. At Tradechina you'll find the whole spectrum of mineral separator tools. From a magnetic separator to a gold processing separator, every type is here and ready to order at wholesale prices. There are two major styles of mineral separator and our Chinese manufacturing partners offer them both. Firstly, our magnetic separator store includes electrostatic mineral separation tools. This process uses beams of charged particles to separate materials and is particularly useful in ore processing operations where metallic ores need to be separated from rock particles. Secondly, there are high tension rollers or electrodynamic separators. These machines are similar to their electrostatic cousins, but pass materials over rotating drums. They tend to work well with finer materials where more precision is required. Both styles come in static units for factory processing as well as designs for use near mining operations. Alongside models that rely on electricity to separate minerals, there are also physical separators. These magnetic separator types include vibrating shaker tables and alluvial washing machines, and they can be used alongside more precise separation tools to prepare raw materials. But they can also be used alone when there's less need for 100% accuracy. Whether you are separating bauxite or minerals from beach sand, a solution can be found in the Tradechina wholesale store. Browse our mineral separator listings and a tool that makes your mineral production more efficient than ever.