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The world's most popular Purchase directly from 20,000 Chinese apparel, sundry goods, and electrical product purchasing sites.
  • Negotiate directly with Chinese manufacturers in the global world
  • Interpreters will be provided free of charge.
  • Free online business negotiations with Chinese manufacturers
About TradeChina
  • TradeChina platform was founded by Miolante International Exhibition, a company founded in 1994 with 27 years of history in the exhibition industry. listed in 2019 (stock code 300795), it is the first local exhibition company listed on the Chinese stock market.
  • China Homelife & Machinex Fair is a series of two major trade shows organized by Miorante, which has been held in 12 countries around the world for more than 10 years, with 20,000 Chinese exhibitors and 300,000 buyers from various countries participating in the fair, and trusted by many exhibitors and buyers.
  • TradeChina.com is an internet trading service platform, which is part of China Homelife & Machinex Fair, who specializes in providing sourcing support services to overseas importers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers and other traders. The platform is closely connected to more than 8,000 suppliers approved by the Chinese government and helps overseas traders to search for Chinese suppliers and products from China, and provides trade support services.
  1. 1. sourcing standardized products or certain special products in China for overseas buyers, as well as sourcing suppliers to customize products (free service)
  2. 2. Provide sourcing support services between overseas buyers and Chinese suppliers, including selecting suppliers based on product requirements, contacting both parties to schedule video conferences, assisting with daily communication and resolving trade issues (free service)
  3. 3. provide factory inspection before placing orders and inspection before shipping (fee-based service)
  4. 4. Provide trade solutions such as logistics and customs clearance for small parcels or small orders imported from China by overseas buyers (fee-based service)
Steps and Processes
  1. 1. buyers inform TradeChina overseas branch staff of their purchasing needs
  2. 2. TradeChina staff match suitable Chinese suppliers with sourcing requirements and provide suppliers' pages on the TradeChina website for buyers to get detailed information
  3. 3. If a overseas buyer sees a product of interest, click on the "Inquiry" button to initiate an inquiry directly to the Chinese supplier, who will reply as soon as possible.
  4. 4. After overseas buyers confirm their interest in meeting with Chinese suppliers, TradeChina staff will confirm a suitable meeting time and send a online meeting link with both parties
  5. 5.Both parties will log on to the online meeting room at the appointed time for discussion, and TradeChina will provide free bilingual translators to assist both parties in communication
  6. 6. Staff set up a communication group (WeChat or WhatsApp) after the meeting to assist both parties in further business communication
1. Q: Do I need to pay for using TradeChina's services?
A: There is no fee for overseas buyers to use Trade China's services to find Chinese suppliers and participate in video conferences. If you need to use factory inspection or logistics services, you will need to pay a third party service provider, but you can also use the services of your own service provider.
2. Q: Will it be a problem for the other party if I don't place an order immediately after the video conference with the Chinese supplier?
A: The purpose of the online video conference is to help buyers from overseas to get in touch with new suppliers during the epidemic to understand the market situation and to do preliminary understanding and communication for both parties to attend offline exhibitions at the end of the year.
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