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If there's a word that perfectly captures the essence of marble coasters, it's opulence. This raw material is inherently fancy looking. It therefore comes as no surprise that marble drink coasters have the same charm. They add character to dining tables and play along with the subdued grandeur of modern coffee tables. Shoppers can enjoy a huge range of choices when it comes to these coasters on Tradechina.com.

There are white marble coasters that appeal to people who subscribe to the minimalist school of design. They are available in many other colors as well. Marble wood coasters incorporate two of the most popularly used materials for home decor to produce items that are perfect for glass tables. Customers who prefer elaborate and unique designs may fancy the marble coasters with gold borders. Other than wood, coasters made of marble are often combined with other materials such as stainless steel, leather,  silicone or ceramic.

These handsome coasters are great as housewarming gifts or as presents on special occasions such as weddings. Establishments such as cafes, restaurants, coffee shops, canteens and hotels all make use of the marble coasters. Tradechina.com caters to the tastes of different types of shoppers with its diverse styles of coasters. There are classic options along with ones that are inspired by Japanese, American or European cultures. Shoppers also get to choose from coasters in round, square or octagonal shapes. Those that are irregularly shaped or with distinct features such as being dual toned are great as table accents. 

Shoppers can find marble coasters that come enclosed in decorated cases or holders. Tradechina.com carries these and many other options for individuals to select from. Many vendors also offer the coasters with wholesale discounts for large orders.