803AGTH transformer temperature controller

Product Specifications :

  • 【Model Number】803ATH
  • 【Brand Name】GUANSHAN
  • 【Theory】Other
  • 【Usage】Outdoor
  • 【Accuracy】1.5
  • 【Temperature range】0-100
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US $ 120.00 | >=2 Piece
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  • T/T

Product description

Working principal & Application

The transformer temperature controller (which is referred as temperature controller bellow) is consisting of elastic component, capillary tube and temperature bulb. It is a sealed system filled with temperature-sensing medium. When the measured temperature changes the volume of actuating medium in the temperature bulb will be changed along with linear graduation. This volume increment is transmitted by capillary tube to take a corresponding linear displacement. After magnifying the linear displacement by a special amplifier, the measured temperature can be indicated and switch on a micro switch to send out an electric signal to power on or off the cooler system.

The BWY (WTYK)-802A,803A temperature controllers adopt the technology of complex transfusing which can output the signal of Pt100 platinum thermal resistor simultaneously. This signal can be transmitted to a controller room more than hundreds of meters away. By the series XMT digital display thermometer, the temperature of transformer will be displayed and adjusted at the same time.The signal also can be translated to computer typical signal (0~5V 1~5V or 4~20mA) by a digital thermometer.

Model WTYK-802A 
Description Transformer temperature controller
Application Transformers
Normal working condition -40~55℃
Measuring range -20~+80℃; 0~100℃; 0~120℃
Accuracy 1.5
Technical date of switch Preset range: 0~100℃
Preset accuracy: ±3℃
Switch shit Deferential: 6±2℃
Contact capacity: AC220V/3A
Standard Preset Value: 802: K1=55℃  K2=80℃   
Output signal Pt100 

Supply ability

1000.0 Piece per month

Packaging and shipping

Lead time : 10 Day
Port : --
Packaging details: --

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