Sodium Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde(SNF/PNS) In Concrete Admixture

Product Specifications :

  • 【Model Number】SNF-A
  • 【Brand Name】Beacon
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US $ 720.00 | >=25 Ton
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Product description

This product is Sodium Naphthalene Sulphonate Formaldehyde (SNF)based water reducing agent,made of naphthalene,sulfonic acid, formalin and alkali,through sulphuration,hydrolyzation,condensation and neutralization reaction. It has the advantage of high water reducing ratio, non-delayed coagulation,non-air entraining and strong adaptability. It can improve the workability of concrete to a large extent so as to reduce the water consumption for blending. Meanwhile, it can improve the strength of concrete. In addition, as the main master batch of various kinds of compound concrete admixture, it could produce series products of concrete admixture which can be suitable for all kinds of project requirement through compounding with other kinds of admixture. This product can contribute to the improvement of project quality and construction efficiency and the reduction of construction cost. 1) It is applicable for all precast reinforced concrete and cast-in-place reinforced concrete. 2) It is applicable for high strength, ultra-high strength and moderate strength concrete, and is ideal for early-strength, antifreeze and large fluidity concrete. 3) It is used as the master batch of various kinds of compound concrete admixture. 1) It has good dispersion effect on cement, which greatly improves the fluidity of mixing materials, concrete slump can reach 18cm~ 25cm. 2) Water reducing rate can reach 10%~ 30%. High water reducing rate can improve the concrete strength at different age: 3 days can increase 20%-60%; during 3rd day to 7th day can increase 15%-50%; the age of 7th day to 28th day can increase 10%-40%. For the same concrete strength, it can save 10%-25% cement consumption. 3) It can improve the impermeability, freeze resistance and corrosion resistance of concrete, reduce the shrink and creep, improve the durability of concrete and prolong its service life. 4) It has good adaptability to all kinds of cement and compatibility with other types of concrete admixtures, so the application range is very wide. 5) Non-delayed coagulation and non-air entraining,no obvious effect on concrete setting time. 6) No and few chloride ion, no corrosion to steel bars.

Supply ability

30000.0 Ton per month

Packaging and shipping

Lead time : within 7-10 days Day
Port : Qingdao Port
Packaging details: Woven fabric bag with plastic liner. including 25kg/40kg/650kg/700kg bag.

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